Sit back, you have arrived! Our business understands you and your needs now more than ever, thanks to our 22 years of development work. We give professional legal, financial, accounting and tax advices when today’s financial legistlation expectation can be demanding and missunderstood.

Our open partner programe will give you a peace of mind with your financials. Our up to date innovative way of communication will help you, and your business when you feel lost in this „legal and financial maze” that complicates the life of your business.

Our goal is for you to only concentrate on your own business. We will not be holding your hand but will want to give you a new way of a 360 degree perspective. If people ever said that you are exaggerating with your dreams, than with us, those dreams, can be reality, and those exaggerations our measurements of standard. With the help of Budapest Consulting and with your confidence in us, we can make this happen.


01We treat our accounting with an innovative, easy to understand way that is tayloring all the solutions to our client’s business needs, instead of the usual „owe-demand” way.

The experts of our accountant office will be able to see precisely the books of small, medium and large businesses, as well as facilitating the lives of KATA and SZJA individual holdings with our daily work. We always assume responsibility for the work we do, which is not limited to compulsory accounting liability, with an addition to official representation.

If you want to start your own business as a business company or as a self-employed company, you are sure to be in safe hands with us. We help with the Starting Pack, which includes the registry for Commercial and Industrial Chambers, signing up for business tax, logging in to the National Tax and Customs Administration office, the registry of Central Statistic Office (KSH), completing EGYKE and transmitting all documents to the Hungarian authorities. We provide assistance with invoicing and other accounting related regulations.

In addition to basic accounting tasks, - including outgoing, incoming, POS, bank, mixed-item recording, fixed asset accounting, payroll posting, and end-of-year reporting, - plus features are available for your business. We can help for businesses where laws necessitate the preparation of various declarations (advertising taxes, rehabilitation contributions, outside the business tax, corporate tax, small business tax and KATA declarations)

Payroll is a cardinal issue for any business. With the help and knowledge of our professional specialists, we calculate for your business the employment methods applicable and the tax benefits can be used by law.

Our payroll services include:
• Complete payroll, monthly net salaries, taxes and contributions to be calculated
• Absence and working time management
• Sending monthly payrolls electronically
• Preparation and sending of data services, declarations, notifications to the authorities
• Preparation of employer certificates, year-end tax certificates
• Management of fringe benefits
• Applying for social security benefits and administrating them to the health insurance fund (health department)

In the maze of bureaucracy, living in Hungary can even be difficult as a private individual, therefore we obtain the social security card and individual tax number on behalf of our customer.
At the end of each year, our payroll specialists will electronically send you all changes in the legislation that is concerning payroll for the following year. It facilitates smooth collaboration in a timely manner, to serve your needs best.

NAV representation in TAX auditsNAV representation in TAX audits

02 There will be a moment in every business’s life,  when they receive a NAV control. These can be simple legality checks, VAT audits or even possible comprehensive inspections covering several years in the life of a business. The accountant or accounting firm can be prepared for a simple, “routine-like” audit, however a more complex audit may require a professional, with the knowledge in taxes, other laws or NAV procedures.

Budapest Consulting is the only company that undertakes NAV representation assistance for mid-sized companies. We assume full responsibility for our service that is supported by Allianz Hungária with a staggering 1 million EURO liability insurance.

Budapest Consulting offers two options of NAV representation service:

a fixed monthly fee can ensure that our clients receive accurate and professional guidance on the deficiencies, identified during a comprehensive examination, that is carried out by the experts of Budapest Consulting. Thus, in a possible tax audit, the same problems will no longer result in a tax fine. Budapest Consulting can also manage the tax audit with the expert of a specialist in this field, who will communicate with the authorities during the tax audit. This continuous professional assistance can minimize the risk of conviction in any tax audits, regardless of how many times the company is inspected in a given year, and at the same time this unique assistance will not burden a large amount of the company's budget at once.

a one-time fee for the given tax audit.

With this unique professional help, we can save your business a lot of stress and NAV penalties, which can sometimes be in the millions.

Even though we do not promise the impossible, everything is possible with the right professionals!


03Our bookers provide you with legal and statutory operation. But in the life of every business, there are situations where you want to get a more comprehensive picture of the outcome of a transaction. There are cases where it is necessary to use a tax specialist in addition to basic accounting. We can provide you with a solution for such special cases.

We can help you to navigate between the ever-changing tax laws, creating the most appropriate form of taxation for you. Together with our experts, you can discuss and optimise your taxation to your needs according to the latest legislation. Every year, a new form of taxation appears, making it possible for you to use even a more optimal option.

With our tax expert, you get a more transparent picture of the most appropriate company tax, business tax, and personal income tax calculations. But it also answers a nuber of questions that do not make use of the usual tax forms, such as customs duties and excise duties, as well as special cases of value added tax. Since taxation is a very complex process, in the vast majority of cases it is necessary to review several processes to get the best results for you. If you're thinking about starting a business, it's a good idea to use a tax advisor. Choosing the most optimal tax mode for you will improve your business in the long run.


04Growth must be achieved to make your business successful and maintain success. To achieve growth, there is a need for thoughtful financial decisions. In the life of your business, there may be moments when working with a financial professional is best to consult the appropriate financial strategy. In a well-structured financial decision, your business can open up new gates for the future. Your financial needs can be influenced by several factors, and our financial professional can help you find the best solution for you.

Whether you're investing in a short or long term, we're minimizing the risk of creating a well based financial background for you by actively involving our specialists. But there may be periods in the life of your business when the existing capital is not enough for development, and external capital is needed. In this case, we will help you find the best bank loan for your business.

If using bank credit pose too much risk for your business, we will recommend you a tender solution that is available for your business. You could have a well-designed and constructed financial strategy, if its debts make it harder for your business to operate. In these cases, we can provide an outstanding management solution that can significantly facilitate your life. Thanks to our innovative solution, you can minimize your outstanding amounts.

Home ObserverHome Observer

05The diversity and multi-layer of the real estate market can generate many unexpected events in your life. The newest activity of Budapest Consulting provides you with a clear legal and financial background for leasing and buying. If you want to lease your property in the long run and want to enjoy the fruitful success of your investment, you need to have a safe partner to do so. We are at your disposal either if you are a private person or a company.

In the life of all types of property there are unexpected events that need to be handled promptly, effectively, with appropriate legal and professional backgrounds. It is important that the managed course of events do not, in any case reduce the value of the property, that is why Budapest Consulting is an appropriate partner in everyday life.
In the case of a longer term lease, debt can occur and must be dealt with. A legally clean strategy is how to deal with it. Do not overload your everyday life with problems!
The professional background of Budapest Consulting is the key to your long-term financial success. If you want to rent real estate as a company, we also can provide you with a full financial, tax and accounting advise.

We do not aim for you to trust us! We intend to give you a clear understanding and knowledge of our full activities without any trust.

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